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Thursday, 18 May 2017

submission of memorandum on the issues of the postal employees

Shri Anurag Thakur Ji,
Hon. Chairman, Standing Committee
Information Technology, Govt of India
Camp at Shimla

Sub:-     submission of memorandum on the issues of the postal employees

Respected sir,

                The postal employees of Himachal Pradesh extend heartiest welcome to your goodself and to the members of the standing committee on kind visit to Himachal Pradesh.  On behalf of the postal employees we are submitting some important issues needs your kind intervention are as under:-

1.            Acute shortage of operative staff in post offices

                Due to the erratic recruitment policy and hiring of incredible outsource recruitment agency M/s CMC Ltd , the Department is facing acute shortage of 70000 Group C staff as on date. In HP Circle, 600 posts of postal assistant are lying vacant. The existing staff has avoidable job pressure which is deteriorating the health of the staff and adversely affecting the quality of service. Surprisingly enough, there is no shortage of officers in the Department of Posts. Whenever, a post is vacated , it is filled up on short term basis and adhoc basis.  The operative staff working in the field offices  doing multifarious duties is under tremendous pressure and tension to meet the requirements of the Department in providing the service

                In postal due to this job pressure, number of officials have sought voluntary retirement and many have committed suicide. Recently, in West Bengal Circle a Sub Postmaster who could not bear with the administrative pressure and customers demand committed suicide. A Xerox copy of the print media is enclosed.

                The situation is alarming in the Department of Post and there is an immediate necessity to fill up the vacant posts by in house recruitment policy which was being followed by the Department prior to switching over to outsourced recruitment agency.

2.            Erratic functioning of McCamish software and Finacle

                The Department has installed McCamish Software for the purpose of Postal Life Insurance and Finacle for small saving services from Infosys Pvt Ltd. The McCamish software has not been providing trouble free service similarly the Finacle is not smoothly working due to erratic networking and internet connectivity being provided by M/s Siffy Pvt Ltd. The Postal Department has a large number of officers in the Directorate but none is ready to shoulder the responsibility whenever there is problem in the McCamsih and Finacle which have been purchased from M/s Infosys Pvt Ltd spending crores of rupees. This erratic functioning is compounding the miseries of the operative staff as well as the customers. Surprisingly, the Department does not seem to be serious to provide trouble free functioning of these softwares. Your intervention is solicited.

3.            Non Payment of incentive for working on Sunday / Gazetted Holiday during demonetization drive to the postal staff

                The postal Department has done a remarkable job in implementing the demonetization drive of Government of India. Despite infrastructural constraints viz shortage of man power, non availability of cash currency notes counting machines and fake note detecting machine, the staff has put its entire energy to work beyond duty hours and on Sunday / Holiday during the drive. Whereas our counterparts in banks were compensated with handsome incentive for this work. The orders issued by the Postal Directorate are lying in the files as unimplemented. So kindly intervene and cause grant of compensation to the postal staff at par with banks.

4.            Opening of Passport Offices and India Post Payment Bank

                The Government has decided to open POPSK and as on date 49 POPSKs have been opened across the nation in the premises of present post office building . it is a welcoming step but since the staff has to be provided by the postal Department from the existing strength , it will create more problem to the postal and to the new offices. Therefore,  adequate staff for new POSPK be provided.

5.            Non Extending of CGHS benefit to the postal and telecom employees of HP Circle

                The Honorable Union Health Minister has granted this scheme to central Govt employees of Himachal Pradesh and a CGHS dispensary is functioning at Shimla which further empanel the hospitals for treatment to the central govt employees. The CGHS dispensary is denying this facility to the postal and telecom employees on the plea that we have separate postal dispensaries which is untenable. Since, there is no P&T dispensary in Himachal Pradesh , the CGHS facility like other central Govt employees may kindly be provided to postal and telecom employees.

6.            Provision of closed Holiday on 2nd and Fourth Saturday in the post offices at par with Banks

                The RBI has ordered closed Holiday in banks on 2nd and Forth Saturday. The post offices except Administrative offices have six days week. This is discriminatory. The postal employees solicite your intervention to kindly cause closed holiday on 2nd and fourth Saturday in post offices at par with banks.

With regards

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Monday, 20 March 2017

Submission of agenda for discussion in Four Monthly Meeting

Des Raj Bhatia                                          H. S Guleria
Circle President                                        Circle Secretary

No:    HP/P-III/Four Monthly Meeting                 dated at Una the 20.03.2017

Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:  Submission of agenda for discussion in Four Monthly Meeting

Respected Sir,

          The following items may kindly be considered for discussion in the ensuing Four Monthly Meeting scheduled to be held in this month.  Kindly fix the date of the meeting at the earliest.

1.     Fixing of unrealistic targets resulting unbearable pressure on the operative staff – request for cancellation of all the deputations from the operative offices i.e SP Hubs, Divisional Office, PSD and Circle Office.

The Circle Office has fixed targets to be achieved during this month and these are being monitored at all levels on day to day basis. The case of opening of new accounts needs your kind intervention. Since, the time taken for opening of new account in the Finacle System is minimum 15 minutes and the staff has to shoulder many other responsibilities besides opening of accounts. The HP Circle at present has shortage of 500 PAs and in Una Division , all the posts of APMs are lying vacant. The Circle Office by allowing deputation to SP Hubs , to ICHs , to Divisional Offices, to PSD and to Circle Offices has further compounded the situation. Kindly discuss and fix the targets as per the staff available and functional viabilities of the office.

2.     Reconsideration of compassionate ground cases of HP Circle

In the past, many cases of compassionate grounds are rejected by the CRC. The eligible applicants are representing for reconsideration of their cases which deems to be justified. Kindly discuss and reconsider all such cases.

3.     Supply of Currency Note counting machines and Fake note detecting machines in all the post offices of HP Circle

All the post offices may kindly be supplied with Currency Note Counting machines and Fake note detecting machines to avoid any inconvenience in detecting the flow of fake notes.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Unbridled Horse Style functioning of Shri B S Sen SPOs Solan request for judicious probe and immediate transfer of Shri B S Sen as SPOS Solan

No:   HP/P-III/Solan                                         dated at Una the 16.09.2016

Shri M. L Kalia Ji
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle, Shimla-09

Sub:       Unbridled Horse Style functioning of Shri B S Sen SPOs Solan request for judicious probe and immediate transfer of Shri B S Sen as SPOS Solan

Respected Sir,

                I am enclosing herewith a complaint received from AIPEU Group ‘’C’’ Solan complaining against the working of Shri B S Sen SPOs Solan. The complaint is self explanatory and deserves impartial probe which will definitely unearth the many irregularities committed by him. It is learnt that during his tenure many irregularities were noticed in the case of recruitment of GDS and by the intervention of Circle Office all such appointments were cancelled.

                It is astonishing that despite having noticed such grave irregularities in the matter of appointments, no action seems to have been taken against the officer. The Circle Union fails to understand as to what kind of message the Circle Administration seems to have given to the masses of such grave irregularities. The transfer orders issued in his tenure and many of such transfers are implemented on papers only favouring few and disfavouring more. The working of staff clerk in the Division office is the major issue created by the SPOs.

                The postal Department is moving ahead to face the new market challenges and I appreaciate the staff working at the ground level and definitely condemn the attitude of such officers.

                The Circle Union solicite your kind intervention for justice by –
                (1)          ordering immediate transfer of Shri B S Sen from independent charge of the Division
                (2)          Thorough probe of his working may be carried out by an officer from the Circle                                                 Office

                This will create a sense of justice and confidence amongst the staff.

                With regards,

                Yours faithfully,

                (H S Guleria)

Irregular transfers orders issued by SPOS Solan Shri B S Sen

No:   HP/P-III/Solan                                         dated at Una the 16.09.2016

Shri M. L Kalia Ji
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle, Shimla-09

Sub:       Irregular transfers orders issued by SPOS Solan Shri B S Sen

Respected Sir,

                Shri B S Sen, SPOs Solan is due for retirement in this year. As per the standing instructions , a Divisional Head cannot issue any transfer order and take any such Decision involving higher financial transaction. 

                Despite all this, he proposed transfer of seventeen officials in the Division to the Circle. It is learnt that the Circle Office turned down the proposal.

                Later, he managed to hold the meeting of the transfer committee and transferred seventeen officials on 07.09.2016. In the said transfer orders, he transferred one Shri Kamal Singh to Waknaghat and one Shri Tehal Das to Rajgarh in the interest of service despite the fact that none of the official have completed their normal tenure at the station of posting.

                Since, Shri B S Sen, cannot exercise the powers of transfers, his inclusion in the transfer committee deciding the transfers, is irregular and unconstitutional.

                There are several complaints against the functioning of Shri B Sen SPOs Solan and there is strong resentment against him in the Solan Division.

                What prompted Shri Sen to issue such transfer orders which were unwarranted is a matter of probe by the competent authority to know the truth.

                You are therefore, requested, kindly intervene and cause cancellation of the transfers ordered by SPOs Solan.

                Your intervention will create a sense of confidence and relief amongst the staff of Solan Division.

                With regards,

                Yours faithfully,

                (H S Guleria)

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Payment of incentive to the field staff / Direct Agents on the PLI/RPLI policies procured by them after 31.10.2015

No:         HP/P-III/RJCM                  dated at Una the 21.07.2016

Maj Gen Amil Kumar Shori
Member (Postal Life Insurance)
Postal Services Board,
Postal Directorate, New Delhi-01

Sub:       Payment of incentive to the field staff / Direct Agents on the PLI/RPLI policies procured by them after 31.10.2015

Respected Sir,

                Prior to implementation of McCamish Software in the post offices, the PLI and RPLI incentives due to the field staff and Direct Agents was generated through Oracle Software. In Himachal Pradesh and in rest of the Circles, the incentive was generated in Oracle Software upto 31.10.2015.

                After implementation of McCamish software till such time , there is no provision of generation of incentive in this software and even the detail of policies procured by an individual i.e field staff and Direct Agents is not shown in the McCamish software.

                As regards, preparation of bills of the field staff / Direct Agents , the Directorate has issued instructions to the Circle Heads which are further conveyed to the Divisional Heads to prepare the manual incentive bills. Since, there is no provision in the McCamish software of neither detail of policies procured by the field staff nor there is provision to generate the bills, it is neither viable nor possible to prepare the incentive bills of the first year premium and of the renewal premium.

                As a consequence till date neither any bill of the incentive due after 01.11.2015 has been prepared / generated nor the amount of incentive due seems to have been reflected in the demand placed before the Directorate by the Circle Heads.

                Sir, we place it on records that the things moved swiftly just after taking over as Member (PLI) and a prompt action was taken to allocate the funds to the Circle. The HP Circle has also got its share. Despite it 50% of the liability has to be cleared by way of allocation of additional funds.

                The HP Circle sincerely conveys his regards to your goodself.

                Yours sincerely,

                (H S Guleria)