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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Non allotment of funds by the Directorate for payment of PLI/RPLI incentive to the staff

No:-       HP/P-III/RJCM                   dated at Una the 22.06.2016

Shri R N Prashar
General Secretary,
AIPEU Group ‘’C’’, CHQ
New Delhi-08

Sub:       Non allotment of funds by the Directorate for payment of PLI/RPLI incentive to the staff

Dear comrade,

                A kind reference is invited to this Union letter of even number dated 28.04.2016 and CHQ letter No P/2-8/H.P. Circle dated 05.05.2016 addressed to Secretary Posts.

                This time none of the Circle has been allotted funds for releasing the PLI / RPLI incentive claims by the Directorate. In HP Circle alone, incentive claims to the tune of Rs 1 crore are pending for want of funds from the Directorate. Similar is the position of other circles.

                You are therefore requested to kindly take up the case personally with the Secretary Posts to allot adequate funds for the purpose.

                With regards,

Yours comradely,

( H S Guleria)

Non-Holding of periodical meetings , request for holding the meeting.

No:-       HP/P-III/RJCM                   dated at Una the 22.06.2016

Maj Gen A K Shori
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:       Non-Holding of periodical meetings , request for holding the meeting.

Respected Sir,

                A kind reference is invited to this Union letter No HP/P-III/CBS/CWC/2016 dated 05.04.2016, HP/P-III/RC (JCM) dated 12.04.2016, HP/P-III/RJCM dated 17.05.2016 and your e-mail dated 18.05.2016 at 11:57 AM regarding holding of four monthly meeting and JCM meeting.

                I am of the firm opinion that a meeting with the staff Union bridge a communication gap between the administration and staff and very valuable information / suggestions / deliberations is shared in such meetings which is not usually seen in the official meetings. Despite assurance by your goodself to hold a meeting , we are feeling that a very constitutional trade Union right is being denied to us without any valid reason. We are disappointed over this situation.

                Sir, I have been representing the Circle Secretary of H.P. Circle since 1988 and have never experienced such a situation where an opportunity which is a privilege also is denied. The postal employees in the operational level have the greatest contribution in running the Department and implementing the various policies of the Department and we as their representative have the privilege to discuss the related issues in the periodical meetings fixed by the nodal Department.

                The Circle Union once again request your goodself to kindly hold the meeting at the earliest which will definitely be in the larger interest of Department and the staff.

                We are confident your goodself will definitely appreciate our point of view on the subject and hold the meeting at the earliest to avoid any other option for this.

                With regards,

                Yours sincerely,

                (H S Guleria)

Case of restructuring of PA cadre

No:-       HP/P-III/Cadre Restructuring                      dated at Una the 22.06.2016

All the Branch / Divisional Secretaries,
And CWC Members of H.P. Circle

Dear comrades,

                The P-III CHQ has been advocating the case of restructuring of PA cadre for the last five years. The lower level leadership , the grass root level membership and even the Circle Secretaries were not aware of the pros and cons of the cadre restructuring proposal. Even, in CWC Jabalpur the then General Secretary Shri KVS informed that there will be no monetary benefit to the employees in case the cadre restructuring is approved by the nodal Department.  The Circle Secretaries have neither proposed this item nor they have supported it in the CWC meetings. However, their silence on the subject was taken as approval.

                Now the Department vide letter No 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27.05.2016 has conveyed the order of cadre restructuring of the PA cadre in the Department of Posts.

                As per this order, all the single handed and double handed sub post offices will be upgraded to LSG with Grade Pay 2800 and will be allotted to Circle. Accordingly, the strength of LSG posts as per this order will be raised from 4980 to 26494.

                Similarly, HSG-II posts with Grade Pay 4200 have been increased from 1198 to 8579 and will be allotted to circle for posting in triple handed and above post offices.  HSG-1 posts have been increased from 1160 to 2127. Due to the up gradation of LSG, the strength of PA cadre will be reduced from 100059 to 69990.

                In other words, only an approved LSG official with Grade Pay 2800 can be posted as SPM any where in the Circle without any monetary benefit. Similar is the case with HSG-II and HSG-I.

                Even, after issuance of the orders the lower level leadership is not aware of the devastating effects of this proposal on the interests of the staff and to the organization.

                The Circle Union has discussed this issue with all the Branch / Divisional Secretaries and CWC members and many of the staff members are also conveying their concern on this issue and are straightway opposing the order. I have also spoken to many of the Circle Secretaries who have the similar view.

                This is such an order for which an effective deliberations is needed to assert its pros and cons to the staff and the Circle Union have conveyed to the General Secretary to hold an emergent CWC meeting to atleast discuss its affects before the implementation.

                The Department is preparing fast to implement the orders leaving very little time at our disposal to defend our cause. I have been advised to think of a legal course of action to halt its implementation. As such, we have to exercise all the options. Your views and advise on the subject is very much valuable. For legal course of action, we need adequate funds to defend our case and it is imperative to raise the funds of the members.

                You are therefore requested to kindly collect Rs 300/- per member as special donation for defending this case.

                Agitational  program on CBS issues:-

                As per HP Circle, CWC decision HP Circle organized mass Dharna at Shimla on 03.04.2016 to convey its concern on the apathetic approach of administration to ensure trouble free online services to the public and to mitigate the hardships to the staff. The HP Circle is the first to enhance the bandwidth of the CBS offices. The Dharna was very successful despite the fact that one or two Divisions did not seriously work to ensure participation as per their strength.

                Demand Day On 10.06.2016

                As per the direction of the CHQ, demand day was observed all over Himachal Pradesh conveying their concern to improve online services.

                Dharna on 17.06.2016

                Dharna at Circle level was organized successfully at Shimla GPO.

                Demonstration at Dak Bhawan on 30.06.2016

                Branches are requested to ensure minimum two representatives from each branch for participation in demonstration at Dak Bhawan on 30.06.2016.

                Periodical Meetings with the CPMG

                Despite having sent the agenda items and repeated requests , the CPMG HP Circle is procrastinating the holding of periodical meeting on this or that pretext. This is first time that a constitutional trade Union right is denied. We are proposing a very serious agitational program in case the meeting is not held at the earliest.

                10th Federal Council of NFPE

                The 10th Federal Council of NFPE is being held at Guwahati on 07.09.2016 to 09.09.2016. The Circle Secretary Shri H. S Guleria and Financial Secretary Shri Deepak Thakur will attend the federal council.

                All are requested to kindly furnish your valuable feedbacks on the issues confronting at the workplace to the Circle Union

                With struggle greetings

Yours comradely,

(H S Guleria)

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Request for the allotment of accommodation in the postal colony to the Circle Union

No:         HP/P-III/Una      dated at Una the 18.06.2016

Supdt. Post Offices
Una Postal Division,
Una (HP)-174 303

Sub:       Request for the allotment of accommodation in the postal colony to the Circle Union

Respected Sir,

                The Himachal Pradesh Circle Union is functioning with its Head Quarter at Una since a long. We are facing much inconvenience in the functioning of Circle Union in the absence of appropriate accommodation.

                The Circle Union will feel obliged for considering our request for allotment of accommodation to the Circle Union in the postal Colony Una as permissible under Rules

                With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H.S. Guleria)

Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in the Department of Posts

No:         HP/P-III/Cadre Restructuring/CWC          dated at Una the 18.06.2016

Shri R. N. Prashar,
General Secretary,
All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘’C’’
CHQ, New Delhi- 08

Sub:       Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in the Department of Posts

Dear Comrade,

                A Kind reference is invited to the DG Posts letter No 25-04/2012-PE-1 dated 27.05.2016 conveying the decision of cadre restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ staff of the Department. As per this order, all the posts of SPMs in single and double handed post offices will be upgraded to LSG i.e the total number of LSG posts will be 26494 after cadre restructuring and these posts will be allotted to Circle.

                Similarly, the posts of the SPMs in triple handed Sub Post Offices will be upgraded to HSG-II with Grade Pay 4200 and all other existing norm based LSG posts in the post offices will be placed in the Grade Pay of 4200 and the total number of HSG-II posts will not exceed 8579.

                And, the existing HSG-II posts will be placed in the Grade Pay 4600 with the existing HSG-1 posts and the total number of HSG-1 posts shall not exceed to 2127. However, 735 new posts of HSG-1 (Non-functional) with Grade Pay 4800 have also been agreed to the senior most HSG-1 officials with service in HSG-1 not less than 2 years.

                From the day, the orders are issued , we have been getting number of calls / messages from the staff members / branch/ Divisional secretaries and CWC members from the Circle fearing the alarming post implementation results of the cadre restructuring and I am directed to convey the feelings of the staff working in Himachal Pradesh that the proposal of cadre restructuring was the proposal of central leadership and even the other leadership, the staff members have never discussed this issue and in my opinion none other than the central leadership itself have supported the cadre restructuring. We feel the orders on the cadre restructuring is not in line with the proposal of the CHQ / NFPE discussed with the Department.

                Previously, all the SPMs of single and double handed even triple handed sub post offices were allotted to Divisions. Now, all the Sub Postmasters in the Department of Posts are allotted to respected Circle inviting large scale Circle Level transfers without a benefit of single rupee. Similarly, all the officials with 4200 and 4600 Grade Pay were being allotted to Divisions will now be allotted to Circles.

                In other words, none can be posted as a SPM in single and double handed sub post office other than the officials carrying Grade Pay 2800 who is regularly promoted in LSG. Similar is the position in HSG-II and HSG-I. There seems to be no monetary benefit atleast for one decade to the postal employees working in Department of Posts and the equal numbers of PA posts have been decreased.

                Surprisingly, to whom a LSG official with Grade Pay 2800 will supervise in a single handed sub post office. Will he work as PA or a supervisor? We fear large scale retrograde consequences of this cadre restructuring order both on the staff and our organization. You are therefore, requested to kindly fix an emergent meeting of the Central Working Committee to discuss the pros and cons of the cadre restructuring orders as ninety five percent of our leadership and the staff are neither aware of the benefits nor the losses of this order.

                And, in such circumstances, there remains no point to return if it is allowed to be implemented without discussing it in the Central Working Committee Meeting. As such, this order must be kept in aveyance till it is discussed in the CWC meeting.

                With regards,

Yours comradely,

(H. S. Guleria)

Copy to:-

1.            The Secretary Posts, Dak Bhawan New Delhi-08

2.            The CPMG, H.P. Circle Shimla-09 for information.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

All India Postal Employee Union Group-C HP Circle Dharna at Shimla on 17-06-2016

NFPE                                                                                                                                          Zindabad