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Friday 18 March 2016


All the Branch Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries and CWC Members please note the Circle Union has decided for a Dharna on 03.04.2016 (Sunday) at Shimla to protest against the apathetic approach of the Circle Administration as well as Divisional Administrations to the issues cropped after rolling out of post offices on CBS and McCamish. Please note, there is no option as our correspondence and appeals are shelved by the authorities. The only way out is the struggle!!! Kindly ensure total participation by all the postal employees of Himachal Pradesh.

Review of proposed Dharna dated 21.02.2016 and review of the developments after deferment of the programme of agitation

All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘’C’’ H.P. Circle HQ Una-174 303
Des Raj Bhatia                                                                                                 H.S Guleria
Circle President                                                                                                            Circle Secretary

                                                                                    Mobile: +91 9418463093

No:      HP/P-III/CWC              dated at Una the 18.03.2016

Maj Gen A K Shori
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:     Review of proposed Dharna dated 21.02.2016 and review of the developments after deferment of the programme of agitation

Respected Sir,

            A kind reference is invited to your D.O letter No Union/2-1/2010 dated 09.02.2016 and this Union letter No even dated 17.02.2016.

            In your D.O letter mentioned above a para wise reply was conveyed to this Union and in the concluding para , your goodself has advised not to resort an activity of organising Dharna to avoid unnecessary bitterness in the presently healthy, friendly and co-operative relations between the administration and the union.

            I spoke to your goodself on 17.02.2016 and emphasized the need for holding bilateral dialogues to ensure mitigation of the problems being faced by the staff after rolling out to CBS and introduction of McCamish. Your goodself assured to hold such meetings at the earliest.

            This Union keeping in view the discussions and the contents contained in the DO letter after consulting the Circle Working Committee Members deffered the programme of Dharna conveyed vide this Union letter No even dated 17.02.2016 with the firm hope that the Circle Administration will take a positive view and hold a meeting to discuss the issues at the earliest.

            A period of one month has been passed , there has been no communication on the issue from your office neither there is any let up in the hardship being faced by the staff.

            The poor staff in the CBS offices is working helplessly as a bounded labour. More than sixty per cent offices  are functioning beyond 2100 hours struggling for completion of daily work. Despite, an assurance the operative staff has to approach for CSAC of the user / supervisor ID beyond duty hours and there seems to be none to attend them. The frequent failure of Finacle server and McCamish are compounding the miseries of the operative staff. Till date, many of the CBS offices are working without laser printers and even with the old / obsolete computers resulting delay in completion of work. No doubt, there are instructions for grant of OTA but till date none of the Divisional Head in the Circle has issued any such instruction  or has allowed an hour OTA to the staff performing duties in the late hours. No doubt the new computers have reached in the Divisions; the concern of the Divisional Heads can well be confirmed by confirming the date of installation of these new computers which are still lying in the Divisional Offices.

            The bandwidth seems to have been enhanced in the papers as till date there is no improvement.

            There is strong resentment amongst the staff over rolling out the post offices without providing required infrastructure and training to the staff. Recently, in Hamirpur Division, 26 post offices have been rolled in one go and many officials of these offices are not imparted training. Despite the fact that many offices are working without UPS/faulty UPS and even the computers are working on direct supply posing security threats to computers. Government of India as well as our Department have made provisions for bilateral discussions with the staff Union by way of holding four monthly / RJCM meetings and in HP Circle no such meeting has been held for last one year.

            Since, there is no relief and no way out , this Union in consultation with all the Circle Working Committee Members and branch secretaries is constrained to decide for a day long Dharna on 03.04.2016 at Shimla as a mark of protest and to focus the concern of staff over the apathetic approach on the issues.

                                                                                    Yours sincerely,

                                                                                      (H S Guleria)