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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Shortage of staff and undue pressure to achieve the unrealistic / unviable targets entrusting of duties of ME to the IPs and ASPOs.

No:-    HP/P-III/RCJCM                 dated at Una the 20.06.2017

Shri P. K. Swain
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:-   Shortage of staff and undue pressure to achieve the unrealistic / unviable targets entrusting of duties of ME to the IPs and ASPOs.


          It has been learnt that in the Divisional Head Meet held on 01.06.2017, your goodself has emphasized the issue of achievement of targets of various BD products and schemes of the Department and have directed to appoint as many as marketing executives in every Division ignoring all the functional needs of the post offices. Even, you have asked to curtail any kind of leave applied for by the operative staff ignoring their domestic / social commitments. The Divisional Heads have tried to act promptly and bravely to follow your orders and many brave officers have called for the staff for the meeting on Sundays/ Holidays.

          A strong resentment is prevailed over this development. There are around 600 vacant post of PA cadre lying in the HP Circle. Surprisingly enough, the recruitment in the feeder cadre was lastly held in the HP Circle in 2014 only. During this period, the postal staff has put their entire energy to successfully implement Core Banking Solution, Core Insurance Solution including CBS manual data entry work, PLI legacy data scanning , KLC updation, UA items adjustment etc without any extra remuneration and with limited manpower despite the fact that the companies engaged for these works had been paid handsomely by the Department which is grave injustice with postal staff. We should keep in mind that during last three years , the rate of retirement is considerably more compounding the shortage.

          In today’s scenario, every post office is providing multifarious services to the common man. As such, every counter is accountable for all the services deemed to be provided by him. The time taken for each CBS transaction and CIS transaction is higher than the time prescribed in citizen charter and even it can’t be accessed due to frequent network failure issues.

          For an instance, I am citing the issue of Una Division. It has one Head Post office of Grade-III level, two Grade-1 SOs, 05 tripple Handed SOs, 08 Double Handed SO and 20 Single Handed SOs. All the supervisory posts at Una Head Post Office are lying vacant since 2014 whereas the post of Deputy Postmaster (HSG-II) is lying vacant since April 2011.

          In CBS, every transaction needs to be verified by APM/ Supervisor and in Una Head Post Office , the average transaction of POSB counters is more than 1000 per day and the staff working on the counters is bound to verify the work done by themselves or by any unauthorized person. Though, it is happening in every post office and Administration has no concern for it. This has resulted decline in quality of service, increased customer grievance and poor after sale service including diversion of customers from post office to other agencies/ banks. It has compounded the miseries of the staff.

          As regards,  procuring of business by appointing Marketing Executives amongst the PA cadre , in my opinion every person working in the post office is a marketing executive and my service is best advertisement. By appointing more MEs , the difficulties of operative staff will further be compounded.

          In the given circumstances, the IPOs/ ASPOs working in the Sub Divisions who are claiming to be the masters of achieving the targets in their Sub Divisions should be entrusted with the task of Marketing Executives in addition to their own work because at present they are merely compiling the information from the field staff and presenting it before your goodself as their own achievements.

          I solicit your kind intervention and request you to kindly review the situation with reference to the human resources of HP Circle in the interest of peaceful and healthy concern of the staff producing the revenue in HP Circle. It will be more appropriate if a meeting with the staff side be held at the earliest.

          With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Wednesday 7 June 2017


My dear Divisional, Branch Secreratries and CWC members. The CPMG Punjab Shri P K Swain is holding the additional charge of HP Circle. In the Divisional Head meeting, he emphasized BD revenue to the total disregard of shortage of staff , erratic functioning of CBS and plight of staff. He has asked to appoint as many as MEs ignoring the operational needs in the post offices. There is strong resentment and we cannot remain silent spectators. There is an immediate need to respond in equally harsh way and we can organize a Circle Level protest. I seek your opinion and input on the plight of staff at the earliest. The responsibility to respond and demonstrate lies with leadership. please send your views at the earliest