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Saturday 21 December 2013

Submission of items of agenda for discussion in the ensuing RJCM meeting

Office of Secretary RJCM (Staff Side) HP Circle HQ Una-174303

The Chief Postmaster General
Himachal Pradesh Postal Circle,

No:    HP/RJCM/Agenda/2013  dated at Una the 20.12.2013

Sub:  Submission of items of agenda for discussion in the ensuing RJCM meeting.

Respected Sir,

Kindly consider following items for discussion in the ensuing RJCM meeting to be held under your chairmanship.

Sir, it is felt that the items taken up and discussed in the meeting are shown straightway discussed and closed despite having detailed discussions on such items and even the decision taken is not recorded while preparing the minutes of the meeting. It is therefore, requested that the decision taken during the discussions on the items may kindly be recorded and the minutes should be issued as per discussions.

1.             REVIEW OF OLD ITEMS:-

(i)    Item No 4-8/10: Unmanageable work of SB at HPOs and          insensitive approach of administration providing/posting staff          at SB counters:
        The relief sought for during the discussion has not been provided.

(ii)   Item No 2-4/12: Avoidable delay in repairing the computers    and its peripherals:      
        Despite detailed discussions, the staff attending the work in the        operative offices does not feel any relief on the issue and they are still   facing avoidable hardships in managing the repair of computer   network. Kindly discuss and issue suitable instructions.

(iii)  Item No 6-7/13: Allotment of unrealistic/impracticable targets         to the indoor staff:
        No doubt, the issue was discussed in detail and to large extent; the staff side support the administration and are doing their best to   achieve the targets. But, the Divisional Heads are crossing all limits for   achievement of targets, harassing the staff, threatening the staff,    denying the leave applied for and even spoiling the APAR. The         Postal Staff while in the office are discharging multifarious duties and   the overall assessment of the work of the office cannot be ignored         while assessing the performance of individual. We are also enclosing a  copy of SPOs Una No B-2/Neelam Kumari Jaswal dated 05.06.13          addressed to the official regarding grant of leave, which will reflect as    to how the Divisional Heads are taking their position. It is not an         isolated case. The situation in other Divisions is not better. Kindly      discuss and issue suitable instructions.

2.             NEW ITEMS:-

(i)    Irregular abolition of Posts pertaining to the years 2005,             2006, 2007 and 2008 by the SPOs Una:-
        10 Posts were ordered to be abolished vide Circle office letter No          EA/2-19/2007 dated 03.05.2013 in Una Division. In every            Division, the posts were abolished after exercising the whole        process for review the workload of post offices of the Divisionand the office with lesser workload than the staff strength was selected for abolition of the posts.

        In Una Postal Division, all the 10 posts were abolished vide     SPOs Una Memo No A-494/HPO Una dated 08.05.2013 without         exercising any process and simply by fingertips post offices were     selected and the offices having heaviest workload became the       victim of this process. All such double handed SOs are now            single handed. It is in violation of rules. You are therefore,                  requested kindly cause abolition of such posts on the basis of           assessed work in the Divisions. Copy of SPOs Una Memo No ibid            is enclosed.

(ii)   Grant of MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd to the eligible officials in                            the Circle:-

        We agree that the issue is vigorously being pursued by the           Circle Office with positive outlook. However, the plight of such            officials who are denied the MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd cannot be          ignored. The issue has been well explained in the circle office              letter No STA/30-52/93 dated 13.12.13 addressed to H S              Guleria Circle Secretary.

        Sir, In HP Circle MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd has been denied despite         having benchmark “GOOD” for best of three whereas the           officials in the promotional grade of MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd are            granted HSG-II and HSG-I on the basis of “GOOD” benchmark for best of three, in the circle also many Divisions have allowed MACP 2nd and MACP 3rd with benchmark “GOOD” for best of three. This is grave injustice with those officials who have  “GOOD” benchmark for best of three and Sir, this counsel is  confident of favorable decision on the subject by our worthy chairman, so that injustice done is undone.

(iii)  Pitiable condition of staff working in ICHs (SP) and                                     recruitment of staff for ICHs and SP Hubs:-

        The staff working in the ICH Mandi, Solan, Hamirpur, Kangra          and SP Hub Pathankot are working in unhygienic conditions with         odd duty times, with unmanageable work, with short staff and         none of the authorities have taken note of it and suggested         remedial measures.

        Similarly, the ICHs and SP Hubs Shimla and Pathankot are           functioning from the staff strength of operative offices and             number of officials are on deputation to these stations. This has          compounded the situation in the operative offices which cannot          be ignored. Moreover, the cost, the time taken has multiplied                four times for handling a single SP article from the station of          booking to the end of delivery. Therefore, please cause                  assessment of the workload of the ICHs and SP Hubs in the            circle and cause recruitment of the staff there.

(iv)  Non-allotment of adequate funds for payment of MR and                             TA claims of the staff in the Circle:-

        Around, more than 20 lakhs MR and TA claims in the circle are          lying pending for payment for want of funds from the circle          office. The cost of medical care is beyond the bearing of the             staff. The Mandi Division which has requirement of funds for MR           claims is big sufferer where the officials who have undergone             major surgeries are still waiting the reimbursement of the              treatment. Kindly cause allotment of adequate funds.

(v)   Non-payment of full wages to the Postal Assistants                                    recruited during 2010, the case of Mandi Division:-

        The Secretary Posts, during 2010 have ordered that the                candidates selected for PAs after due verification be assigned              the work in the Post Offices from the way of selection/joining in           the Post Office and be paid full wages at par with regular PAs. In         entire HP, it was paid as per the directions of the Directorate,              but except Mandi Postal Division where around 23 officials were           denied this benefit. This issue was taken up with the circle office         and till date the officials have not been granted this benefit.                Kindly intervene.

(vi)  Holding of meetings/Melas/trainings on Sundays,                     Gazetted Holidays:-

         There are clear instructions from the Directorate that                meetings/Melas/trainings should not be held on Sundays/G                  Holidays. But, in HP Circle such meetings are conducted on             Sundays even on 10 hours’ notice putting the staff to face                   avoidable hardships. Kindly issue suitable instructions.

(vii) Non-fixation of pay of Ex-servicemen re-employed as                          Postal Assistants:-

        The Ex-servicemen re-employed as PA are eligible for fixation of        their pay vide DoPT letter No 3/19/2009-Estt (Pay II) dated           05.04.2010 and 08.11.2010. The issue was taken up with the               circle office on 22.05.2013. Till date no action has been             initiated. Kindly intervene and cause justice to the aggrieved.

(viii)          Vindictive/apathetic attitude of SPOs Dharamshala                                     towards the staff:-

        The SPOs Dharamshala while pursuing the staff issues ignores all such       rules framed for deciding the staff issues which sending a message as     otherwise amongst the staff. He has during this year after 31.03.2013       issued  transfer orders six times and have caught the officials unsuitable to him and punishing him mindlessly. He, in one case, non-  transmission of MIS file of Yol Camp SO on 16.06.2012, which is a     Project Arrow office, did not hold any official responsible including the         Sub Postmaster (Grade-1) and severally warned Shri Nand Lal the         then officiating Treasurer Yol Camp SO and to further debar him from     any financial upgradation, he was awarded grading 3.1 i.e Average for         the assessment 2012-13, which is even equal to the punishment of     stoppage of 04 increments with future effect. Similarly, in one case, Sh       Trishl Dev PA Dharamshala HO who was awarded grading 0 in       assessment year 2011-12 and 2.1 for the assessment year 2012-13,    which is surprise enough. When the supervisor/Postmaster   Dharamshala has never reported the working of Shri Trishal Dev to     SPOs Dharamshala we fail to understand as to what could have been          the basis for recording such grading and remarks against the officials. Kindly discuss and issue suitable instructions to SPOs Dharamshala.

(ix)  Posting of Postal Assistants with less than 5 Years of Service as       PAs in Divisional Office Mandi and non-consideration of request         for transfer to Divisional office of the senior officials:-

        As per the instructions of the department, the officials with service less   than 05 years cannot be posted in Divisional Offices. Contrary to it,   SSPOs Mandi have posted 04 such officials in the Divisional Office and         there seems to be no yardstick whereas the requests of senior officials   are not entertained for posting. As such, kindly discuss and issue  suitable instructions.

(x)   Non-grant of CCL to eligible officials in the HP circle:-
        The CCL allowed to the eligible officials by the Government of India is   seldom granted whenever it is applied for and even the officials who   have been granted the CCL are relieved by the Postmaster concerned   to avail it. Kindly discuss and issue suitable orders.
    With profound regards.

    Yours faithfully,

    H S Guleria

    Copy to:-

    1.      Sh Kailash Sharma, Leader Staff Side O/o CPMG HP Circle Shimla-9
    2.      All the members of RJCM staff side in the circle.

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