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Thursday 3 August 2017

Provision of Air Conditioners at Head Post Office Una, Head Post Office Bilaspur, Head Post Office Hamirpur, Head Post Office Dehra Gopipur, Kangra and SPOs Una, SSPOs Hamirpur

No:-    HP/P-III/RJCM                                             dated at Una the 03.08.2017

The Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:-  Provision of Air Conditioners at Head Post Office Una, Head Post Office Bilaspur, Head Post Office Hamirpur, Head Post Office Dehra Gopipur, Kangra and SPOs Una, SSPOs Hamirpur


            There is a dire need of provision of Air Conditioners in the above mentioned stations . In summer, in peak days the temperature arises to 43 and even more , resultantly the computerised work is affected and the efficiency of the office is also affected. In 43 degree temperature , the staff face inconvenience and it also affects the efficiency.

            You are therefore requested to kindly provide air conditioners at these stations at the earliest.

            it is pertinent to mention that in Chandigarh all the WCTC are provided with Air Conditioners whereas in HP circle more than thirty trainees are made to sit without the provision of Air conditioners. This will definitely enhance our efficiency during odd times of summers.

            With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Non functioning of Finacle in Mandi Division

No:-       HP/P-III/Mandi                                dated at Una the 17.07.2017


                The Chief Postmaster General,
                Himachal Pradesh Circle, Shimla-09

Sub:-     Non functioning of Finacle in Mandi Division

Respected Sir,

                It has been represented to me that Finacle is either erratically functioning in Mandi Division for the last seven days. Since, there is no such mechanism to monitor the functioning of the Finacle and the connectivity. The Operator himself is laid to contact the Siffy officials and the CPC Shimla. It is informed that 80% post offices in Mandi Division except Head Post Office are the victim of this erratic functioning of Finacle. The officials are made to sit late beyond duty hours to complete the work as and when the functioning is restored.  I solicite your kind intervention to cause restoration of trouble free functioning of Finacle and also evolve a mechanism to monitor the functioning  of the CBS and that mechanism must be accountable for redressal of the CBS related issues.

                With regards

Yours faithfully,

(H. S. Guleria)   

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Shortage of staff and undue pressure to achieve the unrealistic / unviable targets entrusting of duties of ME to the IPs and ASPOs.

No:-    HP/P-III/RCJCM                 dated at Una the 20.06.2017

Shri P. K. Swain
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:-   Shortage of staff and undue pressure to achieve the unrealistic / unviable targets entrusting of duties of ME to the IPs and ASPOs.


          It has been learnt that in the Divisional Head Meet held on 01.06.2017, your goodself has emphasized the issue of achievement of targets of various BD products and schemes of the Department and have directed to appoint as many as marketing executives in every Division ignoring all the functional needs of the post offices. Even, you have asked to curtail any kind of leave applied for by the operative staff ignoring their domestic / social commitments. The Divisional Heads have tried to act promptly and bravely to follow your orders and many brave officers have called for the staff for the meeting on Sundays/ Holidays.

          A strong resentment is prevailed over this development. There are around 600 vacant post of PA cadre lying in the HP Circle. Surprisingly enough, the recruitment in the feeder cadre was lastly held in the HP Circle in 2014 only. During this period, the postal staff has put their entire energy to successfully implement Core Banking Solution, Core Insurance Solution including CBS manual data entry work, PLI legacy data scanning , KLC updation, UA items adjustment etc without any extra remuneration and with limited manpower despite the fact that the companies engaged for these works had been paid handsomely by the Department which is grave injustice with postal staff. We should keep in mind that during last three years , the rate of retirement is considerably more compounding the shortage.

          In today’s scenario, every post office is providing multifarious services to the common man. As such, every counter is accountable for all the services deemed to be provided by him. The time taken for each CBS transaction and CIS transaction is higher than the time prescribed in citizen charter and even it can’t be accessed due to frequent network failure issues.

          For an instance, I am citing the issue of Una Division. It has one Head Post office of Grade-III level, two Grade-1 SOs, 05 tripple Handed SOs, 08 Double Handed SO and 20 Single Handed SOs. All the supervisory posts at Una Head Post Office are lying vacant since 2014 whereas the post of Deputy Postmaster (HSG-II) is lying vacant since April 2011.

          In CBS, every transaction needs to be verified by APM/ Supervisor and in Una Head Post Office , the average transaction of POSB counters is more than 1000 per day and the staff working on the counters is bound to verify the work done by themselves or by any unauthorized person. Though, it is happening in every post office and Administration has no concern for it. This has resulted decline in quality of service, increased customer grievance and poor after sale service including diversion of customers from post office to other agencies/ banks. It has compounded the miseries of the staff.

          As regards,  procuring of business by appointing Marketing Executives amongst the PA cadre , in my opinion every person working in the post office is a marketing executive and my service is best advertisement. By appointing more MEs , the difficulties of operative staff will further be compounded.

          In the given circumstances, the IPOs/ ASPOs working in the Sub Divisions who are claiming to be the masters of achieving the targets in their Sub Divisions should be entrusted with the task of Marketing Executives in addition to their own work because at present they are merely compiling the information from the field staff and presenting it before your goodself as their own achievements.

          I solicit your kind intervention and request you to kindly review the situation with reference to the human resources of HP Circle in the interest of peaceful and healthy concern of the staff producing the revenue in HP Circle. It will be more appropriate if a meeting with the staff side be held at the earliest.

          With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Wednesday 7 June 2017


My dear Divisional, Branch Secreratries and CWC members. The CPMG Punjab Shri P K Swain is holding the additional charge of HP Circle. In the Divisional Head meeting, he emphasized BD revenue to the total disregard of shortage of staff , erratic functioning of CBS and plight of staff. He has asked to appoint as many as MEs ignoring the operational needs in the post offices. There is strong resentment and we cannot remain silent spectators. There is an immediate need to respond in equally harsh way and we can organize a Circle Level protest. I seek your opinion and input on the plight of staff at the earliest. The responsibility to respond and demonstrate lies with leadership. please send your views at the earliest

Thursday 18 May 2017

submission of memorandum on the issues of the postal employees

Shri Anurag Thakur Ji,
Hon. Chairman, Standing Committee
Information Technology, Govt of India
Camp at Shimla

Sub:-     submission of memorandum on the issues of the postal employees

Respected sir,

                The postal employees of Himachal Pradesh extend heartiest welcome to your goodself and to the members of the standing committee on kind visit to Himachal Pradesh.  On behalf of the postal employees we are submitting some important issues needs your kind intervention are as under:-

1.            Acute shortage of operative staff in post offices

                Due to the erratic recruitment policy and hiring of incredible outsource recruitment agency M/s CMC Ltd , the Department is facing acute shortage of 70000 Group C staff as on date. In HP Circle, 600 posts of postal assistant are lying vacant. The existing staff has avoidable job pressure which is deteriorating the health of the staff and adversely affecting the quality of service. Surprisingly enough, there is no shortage of officers in the Department of Posts. Whenever, a post is vacated , it is filled up on short term basis and adhoc basis.  The operative staff working in the field offices  doing multifarious duties is under tremendous pressure and tension to meet the requirements of the Department in providing the service

                In postal due to this job pressure, number of officials have sought voluntary retirement and many have committed suicide. Recently, in West Bengal Circle a Sub Postmaster who could not bear with the administrative pressure and customers demand committed suicide. A Xerox copy of the print media is enclosed.

                The situation is alarming in the Department of Post and there is an immediate necessity to fill up the vacant posts by in house recruitment policy which was being followed by the Department prior to switching over to outsourced recruitment agency.

2.            Erratic functioning of McCamish software and Finacle

                The Department has installed McCamish Software for the purpose of Postal Life Insurance and Finacle for small saving services from Infosys Pvt Ltd. The McCamish software has not been providing trouble free service similarly the Finacle is not smoothly working due to erratic networking and internet connectivity being provided by M/s Siffy Pvt Ltd. The Postal Department has a large number of officers in the Directorate but none is ready to shoulder the responsibility whenever there is problem in the McCamsih and Finacle which have been purchased from M/s Infosys Pvt Ltd spending crores of rupees. This erratic functioning is compounding the miseries of the operative staff as well as the customers. Surprisingly, the Department does not seem to be serious to provide trouble free functioning of these softwares. Your intervention is solicited.

3.            Non Payment of incentive for working on Sunday / Gazetted Holiday during demonetization drive to the postal staff

                The postal Department has done a remarkable job in implementing the demonetization drive of Government of India. Despite infrastructural constraints viz shortage of man power, non availability of cash currency notes counting machines and fake note detecting machine, the staff has put its entire energy to work beyond duty hours and on Sunday / Holiday during the drive. Whereas our counterparts in banks were compensated with handsome incentive for this work. The orders issued by the Postal Directorate are lying in the files as unimplemented. So kindly intervene and cause grant of compensation to the postal staff at par with banks.

4.            Opening of Passport Offices and India Post Payment Bank

                The Government has decided to open POPSK and as on date 49 POPSKs have been opened across the nation in the premises of present post office building . it is a welcoming step but since the staff has to be provided by the postal Department from the existing strength , it will create more problem to the postal and to the new offices. Therefore,  adequate staff for new POSPK be provided.

5.            Non Extending of CGHS benefit to the postal and telecom employees of HP Circle

                The Honorable Union Health Minister has granted this scheme to central Govt employees of Himachal Pradesh and a CGHS dispensary is functioning at Shimla which further empanel the hospitals for treatment to the central govt employees. The CGHS dispensary is denying this facility to the postal and telecom employees on the plea that we have separate postal dispensaries which is untenable. Since, there is no P&T dispensary in Himachal Pradesh , the CGHS facility like other central Govt employees may kindly be provided to postal and telecom employees.

6.            Provision of closed Holiday on 2nd and Fourth Saturday in the post offices at par with Banks

                The RBI has ordered closed Holiday in banks on 2nd and Forth Saturday. The post offices except Administrative offices have six days week. This is discriminatory. The postal employees solicite your intervention to kindly cause closed holiday on 2nd and fourth Saturday in post offices at par with banks.

With regards

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)

Monday 20 March 2017

Submission of agenda for discussion in Four Monthly Meeting

Des Raj Bhatia                                          H. S Guleria
Circle President                                        Circle Secretary

No:    HP/P-III/Four Monthly Meeting                 dated at Una the 20.03.2017

Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:  Submission of agenda for discussion in Four Monthly Meeting

Respected Sir,

          The following items may kindly be considered for discussion in the ensuing Four Monthly Meeting scheduled to be held in this month.  Kindly fix the date of the meeting at the earliest.

1.     Fixing of unrealistic targets resulting unbearable pressure on the operative staff – request for cancellation of all the deputations from the operative offices i.e SP Hubs, Divisional Office, PSD and Circle Office.

The Circle Office has fixed targets to be achieved during this month and these are being monitored at all levels on day to day basis. The case of opening of new accounts needs your kind intervention. Since, the time taken for opening of new account in the Finacle System is minimum 15 minutes and the staff has to shoulder many other responsibilities besides opening of accounts. The HP Circle at present has shortage of 500 PAs and in Una Division , all the posts of APMs are lying vacant. The Circle Office by allowing deputation to SP Hubs , to ICHs , to Divisional Offices, to PSD and to Circle Offices has further compounded the situation. Kindly discuss and fix the targets as per the staff available and functional viabilities of the office.

2.     Reconsideration of compassionate ground cases of HP Circle

In the past, many cases of compassionate grounds are rejected by the CRC. The eligible applicants are representing for reconsideration of their cases which deems to be justified. Kindly discuss and reconsider all such cases.

3.     Supply of Currency Note counting machines and Fake note detecting machines in all the post offices of HP Circle

All the post offices may kindly be supplied with Currency Note Counting machines and Fake note detecting machines to avoid any inconvenience in detecting the flow of fake notes.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(H S Guleria)