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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Initiation of HISCOD in the CBS offices

All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘’C’’ Himachal Pradesh HQ at Una

Des Raj Bhatia                                                                                                   H S Guleria
Circle President                                                                                                                Circle Secretary
                                                                                                                                Mobile: 9418463093

No:         HP/P-III/RJCM                   dated at Una the 17.05.2016


                Maj Gen A K Shori
                Chief Postmaster General,
                Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09

Sub:       Initiation of HISCOD in the CBS offices

Respected Sir,

                The Circle Office have issued instructions to ensure initiation of HISCOD well before the close of the office. In the CBS office, entire work of the office depends upon the functioning of computer networks, net connectivity and regular functioning of central server and Finacle. Besides this, the continue supply of electricity in the CBS office is most needed.

                Since, the time taken for each transaction on Finacle is higher than the Sanchay Post and there is 50% shortage of man power in every office. The HISCOD has to be initiated on completion of / verification of all the transactions and clearing all blocking validations. Every day, a mail is received from CPC Shimla that the finacle is down throughout India. In one case, a user is logged in but the supervisor login was denied for hours together. Will it not cause delay in completion of verification work and initiation of HISCOD.

                In many sub post offices, where the net connectivity is totally failed the SPM concerned is completing the work either in Head Post Office or in the nearby CBS office. We feel that the siffy network authorities are not seriously looking after the connectivity problem. Moreover, many offices have been rolled out to CBS offices without ensuring proper functioning of NSP-1. Despite having raised a ticket, net connectivity in some offices especially D or E class was restored after three or four days. The information is well available with Divisional Offices. The reason behind it is that the siffy technologies use to take up the matter with BSNL who in turn takes three or four days usually to set right the problem.

                Your goodself will agree that many of the offices are opened beyond duty hours even upto 1100 hours. They are very sincerely putting their best to complete the work and make the CBS project a grand success without being equipped with appropriate men and material. Even they are not being compensated for the late sittings. Should it not be appreciated?

                Unfortunately, the perusal of messages in the Tech-minds group of whatsapp reveal that administration at any level have no concern to the staff who are striving hard by late sittings to complete the work and surprisingly enough, you have tweeted that ‘’ a solid danda is needed to be used for all those persons who have not initiated the HISCOD well in time’’ without knowing the reasons and the circumstances behind it.

                The Circle Union salute whole working class of Himachal Pradesh Circle who are doing a marvelous job with a shortage of 50% hands without any extra remuneration despite having been requested by this union. In such circumstances, the circle union express its serious concern over such a tweet which is a humiliating and discouraging one to the brave postal employees of HP.

                Your goodself is therefore requested kindly discuss the issue with the staff side on initiation of HISCOD so that ground realities may also be highlighted and an appropriate instruction on the subject be issued.

                With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(H. S. Guleria)


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