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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in Department of Post

No:      HP/P-III/Cadre Restructuring               dated at Una the 13.07.2016

Shri R N Prashar
General Secretary,
AIPEU Group ‘’C’’,
New Delhi-08

Sub:     Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in Department of Post

Dear comrade,

            The Circle Union has received your letter P/2-8/HP Circle dated 01.07.2016  regarding cadre restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ staff of Department of Posts

            I agree with you that this issue has been placed in the CWC agenda and in the AIC agendas as well as the charter of demands. It is true , and you will also agree that despite having notified this item none of the CWC members , delegates and visitors have ever advocated for cadre restructuring. Since, none was aware of the serious , the retrograde implications of this schemes on its implementation. Therefore, none could either support it nor could oppose it.

            Kindly recall the deliberations of AIC Trivandrum wherein all the deliberations have live coverage and on verifying the views expressed by the delegates / visitors , none of them have uttered s single word about the restructuring notified in the agendas. The silence of ground level people on the issues must not be taken as approval which is the fundamental of democratic principles.

            In single and double handed post offices, to whom the LSG official will supervise multiplying his responsibilities and resulting reduction of thirty thousands PAs in the Department of Posts involving large scale transfers of the staff.

            We are in favour of any scheme which should atleast be beneficial to the employees today , tomorrow , month , next month , year , next year even after ten years. But in this case there does not seems to be any benefit to the existing staff. Some people are advocating the benefit to next generation for which I cannot advocate.

            I am happy this item has been notified for discussions in the CWC Guwahati but by then lot of water might have flown. Therefore, kindly assess the pros and cons of this scheme and take up with the Department to keep the orders in abeyance till its discussion in CWC

            With regards,

Yours comradely,

(H S Guleria)

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