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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Irregular transfers orders issued by SPOS Solan Shri B S Sen

No:   HP/P-III/Solan                                         dated at Una the 16.09.2016

Shri M. L Kalia Ji
Chief Postmaster General,
Himachal Pradesh Circle, Shimla-09

Sub:       Irregular transfers orders issued by SPOS Solan Shri B S Sen

Respected Sir,

                Shri B S Sen, SPOs Solan is due for retirement in this year. As per the standing instructions , a Divisional Head cannot issue any transfer order and take any such Decision involving higher financial transaction. 

                Despite all this, he proposed transfer of seventeen officials in the Division to the Circle. It is learnt that the Circle Office turned down the proposal.

                Later, he managed to hold the meeting of the transfer committee and transferred seventeen officials on 07.09.2016. In the said transfer orders, he transferred one Shri Kamal Singh to Waknaghat and one Shri Tehal Das to Rajgarh in the interest of service despite the fact that none of the official have completed their normal tenure at the station of posting.

                Since, Shri B S Sen, cannot exercise the powers of transfers, his inclusion in the transfer committee deciding the transfers, is irregular and unconstitutional.

                There are several complaints against the functioning of Shri B Sen SPOs Solan and there is strong resentment against him in the Solan Division.

                What prompted Shri Sen to issue such transfer orders which were unwarranted is a matter of probe by the competent authority to know the truth.

                You are therefore, requested, kindly intervene and cause cancellation of the transfers ordered by SPOs Solan.

                Your intervention will create a sense of confidence and relief amongst the staff of Solan Division.

                With regards,

                Yours faithfully,

                (H S Guleria)

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