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Monday 22 January 2018

Cadre restructuring and Dharna

                                                                                                Dated: - 31/01/2016
No:- HP/P-III/Agitation dated at Una the 22/01/18
All the Branch/Divisional and CWC Members
HP Circle,
Dear Comrades,
            I am sure, you are aware of the developments in the Postal Departments communicated by the NFPE and CHQ. The NFPE has decided for a chain dharna at New Delhi from 12/02/2018 to 16/02/2018. The HP circle has been allotted 30 participants to join the dharna for one day on 12th Feb, 2018. All the branch secretaries are requested to ensure participation from their branch.
            Cadre restructuring: - The department issued orders for cadre restructuring of group-C employees in Department of Posts vide letter No. 25-04/2012-P.E.I. dated 27th May, 2016. According to this order all the single handed and double handed Post offices will be upgraded to LSG and the Posts of triple handed SPMs will be upgraded to HSG-II with grade pay 4200/-. The existing HSG-II posts will be upgraded to HSG-I with grade pay 4600/-. The LSG/HSG-II and HSG-I will remain a circle cadre. In Himachal Pradesh circle the existing LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I Posts have been increased from 36, 12, 14 to 378, 122 and 30 respectively.
            In HP circle, following the upgradation of single handed and double handed post offices to LSG the strength of Postal Assistant will be reduced from 1429 to 957 in HP circle. The postal assistant is a core constituent of the department providing services to the public. We have already a shortage of 400 PAs in HP circle.
            Moreover the quantum of benefit for MACP-I, MACP-II and MACP-III has been reduced by 50% on implementation in 7th CPC. Whereas, any official who will be promoted to LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I will not be financially benefitted on his promotion as such. LSG is a supervisory cadre and following the introduction of CBS and McCamish, we have different IDs for supervisor and operator. It is not understood as to whom will work in a single handed post offices and to whom the LSG sub postmaster will supervise. The strength of PA Cadre, which is a feeding cadre for promotions, has drastically being reduced. The study reveal that the scheme instead of granting a financial benefit on promotion to LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I will compound the miseries of officials so promoted and the officials who are left as PA. The directorate letter vide no. 25-04/2012-PE_I (Vol.II) dated 10.11.2017 have emphasised to implement the scheme by 31/01/2018. Officials joined by 2003 are being considered for the DPC. Since a very little time is left and the circle union well understand the post implementation situation, has decided to approach the CAT Chandigarh. The circle working committee in its meeting at Hamirpur on 31/01/2016 has authorised the circle union for any such action.
            Meeting with the CPMG Major General P. S. Negi ji, I have curtsy call meeting with the worthy CPMG on 19th Jan, 2018 and discussed the present situation of HP circle. The CPMG has asked to fix the four-monthly and JCM meeting in the first fortnight of Feb-2018. You may furnish your any item for the said meeting at an early date.

Yours brotherly,
H. S. Guleria

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