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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Proceedings of 12th Biennial Circle Conference held at Jawalaji on 25.12.2015


Des Raj Bhatia                                                  Harbhajan Singh Guleria
Circle President                                                  Circle Secretary

                                                                                    MOBILE NUMBER:    +91-9418463093
No: HP/P-III/Bi-ennial Circle Conference                                dated at Una the 25.12.2015

All the Branch/ Divisional Secretaries
And CWC Members in H.P. Circle

Sub:     Proceedings of 12th Biennial Circle Conference held at Jawalaji on 25.12.2015

Dear comrades,

            As notified by the General Secretary AIPEU Group ‘’C’’ CHQ New Delhi Shri R N Prashar, the 12th Biennial Circle Conference of H.P. Circle was held under the supervision of Shri R N Prashar assisted by Shri Jagdish Dhiman Circle Secretary P-III Punjab Circle. The General Secretary made a brief submission before the delegates and visitors that today’s agenda is only election of bearers. He read the recognition letters granting trade union facilities to Barsar and Bilaspur. There was no further objection from any branch. The credential forms were filled up and General Secretary read out the names of the delegates attending the conference. The house was declared composed by the General Secretary and the issue of election of office bearers was taken up and the following set of office bearers was elected.

Circle President                                    :           Shri Des Raj Bhatia, OA o/o SPOs Dharamsala

Vice Presidents                                    :           Shri Rikhi Ram Sharma SPM Kandrour (Hamirpur)
Shri Ram Raj, APM Palampur HO (D/Sala)
Shri Balak Ram, SPM Sultanpur (Chamba)

Circle Secretary                                   :           Shri H. S. Guleria SPM Dehlan (Una)

Assistant Circle Secretaries      :           Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma PA Una HO (Una)
Shri Baljeet Dadhwal SPM Dhaliara (Dehra)
Shri Raj Kumar Sharma SPM GDC (Hamirpur)
Shri Jagat Ram PA Theog (Shimla)
Shri Mohinder Ram PA Kangra HO (Dehra)
Financial Secretary                  :           Shri Deepak Thakur OA o/o SPOs Una (Una)

Assistant Financial Secretary   :           Shri L. R. Dhiru SPM Bumbloo (Hamirpur)

Organizing Secretaries             :           Shri R.K Sood OA o/o SPOs Dharamsala (D/Sala)
Shri Dilbag Singh OA o/o SPOs Dehra (Dehra)
Shri Rajneesh Kumar PA Hamirpur HO (Hamirpur)
            Auditor                                                :           Shri R. S Parmar SPM Rangas (Hamirpur)

            Supreme Councillor                 :           Shri Baldev Raj PA Palampur HO (D/Sala)
                                                                        Shri Dev Raj SPM Rail (Hamirpur)
                                                                        Shri Mohan Singh Jaswal SPM Oel (Una)

            Besides, this a committee proposed to be constituted by Shri H S Guleria Circle Secretary advising the Circle Union on technical core issues needed to be taken up for redressal. It was also passed in the conference unanimously that the supreme councilors and the members of the Technical Advisory committee will also attend the Circle Working Committee meetings whenever held and the Circle Union will bear their travelling expenses.

Members of Technical Advisory Committee:-

                                                            Shri Balraj System Manager Dharamsala
                                                            Shri Iqbal Singh System Manager Una
                                                            Shri Sanjeev Maan System Manager Shimla
                                                            Shri Ravinder Singh Parmar PA Haripur

            The General Secretary made a brief speech highlighting the trade Union history and important issues. He informed that the 7th Pay Commission has not exceeded even a single demand submitted to him by the Union. As such, what could have been fate of GDS for whom we have been demanding their inclusion in the 7th pay commission for submitting report on GDS issues. He appealed the members to unite.

            Shri H S Guleria in his brief deliberations after the election expressed his concern on the pitiable plight of postal employees in general and the postal employees working in CBS offices. He said that postal administration is mindlessly rolling out the post offices to CBS without ensuring regular net connectivity and regular functioning of central server and availability of UPS etc. There has been no adequate training on CBS. The CBS staff is working beyond duty hours. In many cases, due to poor connectivity and poor server functioning, the end of the day is not initiated. None of the officers supervise the staff and the poor postal employees is made to suffer in the name of CBS. Shri Guleria assured the house that he will take up this issue with the CPMG for ;

1.      Ensuring all prerequisite i.e net connectivity , smooth functioning of central server, availability of UPS, Genset
2.      To grant compensation @ Rs 100-00 per hour to the staff made to sit beyond duty hours

The conference was concluded with the vote of thanks to the chair.

All the Branch , Divisional Secretaries and CWC members are requested to furnish necessary feedback to the Circle Union on the issues they are facing in the post offices for taking up in the ensuing JCM/four monthly meeting.

With New Year 2016 greetings,

Yours comradely,

(H.S Guleria)

Circle Secretary 

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