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Tuesday, 29 December 2015



            The Biennial Circle conference of AIPEU Group ‘’C’’ concluded at Jawalaji on 25.12.2015 held detailed deliberations on the functioning of CBS offices with reference to plight of staff and availability of poor quality infrastructure i.e obsolete computers, poor net connectivity and poor functioning of central server, non-functioning of UPS, low Bandwidth of siffy, non-availability of Genset etc and unanimously resolves to request the Chief Postmaster General to ensure :-

1.      Adequate infrastructure to avoid any inconvenience to the staff working in the CBS offices.
2.      The staff including the ladies staff have to sit beyond duty hours even for 05 hours or more due to non intiation of day end transaction. The Circle Union feel that it is a violation of human rights as none of the staff sitting after duty hours is neither financially compensated nor any arrangement for their transportation and dinner is made by the Administration. The House demands Rs 150-00 per Hour for sitting beyond duty hours.
3.      Further, rolling out be made only on ensuring availability of prerequisite and posting of adequate staff as the time taken for online transaction is higher than time taken on Sanchay Post.
4.      The House request the CHQ to take up the issue of revised time factor for CBS transactions with the Directorate
5.      The House authorizes the Circle Secretary to chalk out any programme  of action for the realization of above demands.

Passed unanimously

   (H.S Guleria)

Circle Secretary

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  1. I have read tharoughly, efforts being made for Department as well as in favor of employees is commendable.