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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in the Department of Posts

No:         HP/P-III/Cadre Restructuring/CWC          dated at Una the 18.06.2016

Shri R. N. Prashar,
General Secretary,
All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘’C’’
CHQ, New Delhi- 08

Sub:       Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ Employees in the Department of Posts

Dear Comrade,

                A Kind reference is invited to the DG Posts letter No 25-04/2012-PE-1 dated 27.05.2016 conveying the decision of cadre restructuring of Group ‘’C’’ staff of the Department. As per this order, all the posts of SPMs in single and double handed post offices will be upgraded to LSG i.e the total number of LSG posts will be 26494 after cadre restructuring and these posts will be allotted to Circle.

                Similarly, the posts of the SPMs in triple handed Sub Post Offices will be upgraded to HSG-II with Grade Pay 4200 and all other existing norm based LSG posts in the post offices will be placed in the Grade Pay of 4200 and the total number of HSG-II posts will not exceed 8579.

                And, the existing HSG-II posts will be placed in the Grade Pay 4600 with the existing HSG-1 posts and the total number of HSG-1 posts shall not exceed to 2127. However, 735 new posts of HSG-1 (Non-functional) with Grade Pay 4800 have also been agreed to the senior most HSG-1 officials with service in HSG-1 not less than 2 years.

                From the day, the orders are issued , we have been getting number of calls / messages from the staff members / branch/ Divisional secretaries and CWC members from the Circle fearing the alarming post implementation results of the cadre restructuring and I am directed to convey the feelings of the staff working in Himachal Pradesh that the proposal of cadre restructuring was the proposal of central leadership and even the other leadership, the staff members have never discussed this issue and in my opinion none other than the central leadership itself have supported the cadre restructuring. We feel the orders on the cadre restructuring is not in line with the proposal of the CHQ / NFPE discussed with the Department.

                Previously, all the SPMs of single and double handed even triple handed sub post offices were allotted to Divisions. Now, all the Sub Postmasters in the Department of Posts are allotted to respected Circle inviting large scale Circle Level transfers without a benefit of single rupee. Similarly, all the officials with 4200 and 4600 Grade Pay were being allotted to Divisions will now be allotted to Circles.

                In other words, none can be posted as a SPM in single and double handed sub post office other than the officials carrying Grade Pay 2800 who is regularly promoted in LSG. Similar is the position in HSG-II and HSG-I. There seems to be no monetary benefit atleast for one decade to the postal employees working in Department of Posts and the equal numbers of PA posts have been decreased.

                Surprisingly, to whom a LSG official with Grade Pay 2800 will supervise in a single handed sub post office. Will he work as PA or a supervisor? We fear large scale retrograde consequences of this cadre restructuring order both on the staff and our organization. You are therefore, requested to kindly fix an emergent meeting of the Central Working Committee to discuss the pros and cons of the cadre restructuring orders as ninety five percent of our leadership and the staff are neither aware of the benefits nor the losses of this order.

                And, in such circumstances, there remains no point to return if it is allowed to be implemented without discussing it in the Central Working Committee Meeting. As such, this order must be kept in aveyance till it is discussed in the CWC meeting.

                With regards,

Yours comradely,

(H. S. Guleria)

Copy to:-

1.            The Secretary Posts, Dak Bhawan New Delhi-08

2.            The CPMG, H.P. Circle Shimla-09 for information.

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