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Monday, 5 January 2015

Anti Staff attitude/In tolerable behaviour of Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma, ASP Una


        JAGAT RAM                                                        H S GULERIA

        President                                                               Circle Secretary

                                                                                     Mobile: +91-9418463093




No:       HP/P-III/Una                dated at Una the 02.01.2015


Shri Anant Narayan Nanda

The Chief Postmaster General

Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09


Sub:     Anti Staff attitude/In tolerable behaviour of Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma, ASP Una




A kind reference is invited to this Union letter no even dated 18.08.2014 and 26.09.2014 and Circle Office letter No STA/36-357/2004 dated 07.08.2014 and subsequent correspondence on the subject.


The Circle Union is disappointed and feels that any such correspondence is taken as otherwise; consequently, the relief sought for is not taken note of. The Circle Union i.e the Circle Secretary H S Guleria, is himself working in this Division and the correspondence on the subject has been made on the basis of solid grounds and overall feelings of the staff of Una Division.


The related issues have several times being discussed with the SPOs Una Shri D R Sharma, who himself have agreed to the points raised, though, showed his helplessness in the matter.


Surprisingly, the decision on the subject is taken merely on the basis of the report submitted by Shri D R Sharma the SPOs Una and it cannot be only the basis for clinching the issue. Several instances were recorded in our requests made to your office on the subject.


Surprisingly enough, none of the official of the Division, including the Divisional Secretary and myself was contacted for seeking the views in order to submit a report to your office. As such, the Circle Union cannot bear with the report of the SPOs Una.


Sir, your goodself will agree, that when the Circle Union on behalf of the staff of Una Division is complaining against the ASPOs Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma and by this way or that way, he continues to hold the post as such, what will be the impact of these developments, both on the ASPOs and the staff of Una Division in discharging the day to day services in the Division.


I am citing a very valid instance, on 15th December 2014, I spoke to the Director Postal Services and your goodself regarding the non-functioning of passbook printers of Head Post Office Una and awarding of AMC to the Lippy, the Line Printer besides other issues.


Your goodself was kind enough and heard me patiently, noted all the points raised and I am sure, the follow up action was taken. Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma, ASPOs Una was holding the charge of SPOs Una during the leave of Shri D R Sharma SPOs Una.


I was confident of an prompt action at the level of Una Divisional Administration, unfortunately, instead of taking keen interest in ensuring repair of the passbook printers and other printers, the ASPOs visited the Head Post Office on 16.12.2014 at 0900 hours to check the timely attendance by the staff.


In Una Division, Oel Sub Post Office which is required to be supplied with a new printer is still in line for getting the new printer, despite, the adequate stock of newly purchased printers in the Division Office.


Your goodself shall surprise that the SPM Oel is preparing all the reports manually including SO Daily account and receipts to be given to the customers for the last three months. In our opinion, the Administration has the biggest responsibility in providing favourable timely infrastructure in the Post Offices.


The passbook printers were repaired after fifteen days but the new printer to the Oel Post Office is yet to be supplied and I am sure it will be supplied the day our this letter reaches to your goodself.


Sir, there are many instances which are circumstantial and cannot be recorded all the time. The Circle Union in the present circumstances feels that the problem can be mitigated just by transferring the ASPOs Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma from Una Division. The Una Division has functioned well for ten months without the ASPOs.


The Circle Union solicite your kind intervention to for favourable action and the issue may not be procrastinated just by referring it to SPOs Una.


With regards


Yours Sincerely,


[H S Guleria]






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