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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Observance of Protest Day to focus the issues confronting the staff while discharging the duties in the operative offices and postponement thereof to 8th Feb 2015.



Jagat Ram                                                  Harbhajan Singh Guleria

Circle President                                           Circle Secretary



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No:      HP/P-III/CWC dated at Una the 24.01.2015


Shri A N Nanda Ji

The Chief Postmaster General

Himachal Pradesh Circle Shimla-09


Sub:     Observance of Protest Day to focus the issues confronting the staff while discharging the duties in the operative offices and postponement thereof to 8th Feb 2015.


Respected Sir,


A kind reference is invited to this Union letter no even dated 17.08.2014 and letter No HP/P-III/RJCM dated 18.08.2014, wherein details of issues seeking the personal intervention of your goodself to redress the issues. Further, this Union letter No even dated 02.01.2015, communicating the decision of the Circle Working Committee Meeting of this Union held at Manikaran Mandi on 15.11.2014 and 16.11.2014 for organizing the Protest Day on 25th Jan 2015.


On the request of/ advise of the members of the Circle Working Committee keeping in view the inclement weather and hectic HP Government programme organizing Himachal Day on 25th Jan 2015, the said protest Day Programme has been postponed to be organized on 08.02.2015 [Sunday] before GPO Shimla.


Respected Sir, following our requests conveyed vide this Union letter No even dated 17.08.2014 and letter No HP/P-III/RJCM dated 18.08.2014, we have been hopeful of discussions on the issues listed in the said letters as requested vide this Union letter No even dated 17.08.2014. This issue was also discussed in the Circle Working Committee Meeting held at Manikaran. The Circle Secretary was advised by the Working Committee to wait and to take an appropriate decision. Till date this Union has not received any communication of any such meeting for discussion of the issues.


Sir, however, the Circle Union have received replies on few issues and which does not reflect any serious note taken by the Circle Office to mitigate the hardships. Further Circle Office letter No STA/28-15/2014 dated 20.01.2015 addressed to this Union has also been received and the perusal of the reply reflects that the issues are not at all given a thought at the level of Circle Office and replies merely furnished on the basis of the report of the Divisional Heads concerned. Whereas number of issues listed in the above letters dated 17.08.2014 and 18.08.2014 are either ignored or not pursued.


As such, the Circle Union is directed to refurnish such issues for an appropriate action at the level of Circle Office. The issues referred to Directorate also need to be pursued vigorously.


1.               Awarding of AMC for the computers and its peripherals/UPS/Printers etc:


In order to ensure smooth functioning of the computers and its peripherals the only option is AMC as in the present scenario operative staff cannot made to be suffered for making frequent requests to the Divisional Heads for remedial measures.


2.               Shifting of Administrative Control of Speed Post Hub Mandi and Shimla:


As per Directorate instructions, the Administrative control of speed post hubs of the stations where RMS office is functioning is to be shifted to RMS. Kindly cause suitable actions.


3.               Providing o Standard accommodation to the SPMs:


At present, many of the residence attached to the Post of Sub Postmasters are Sub standard and are not worth living and the SPMs are facing deduction of HRA and license fees. As such, the Divisional Heads be directed to either provide standard residence or allow the SPMs to stay in desired rented accommodation.


4.               Anti staff attitude/Intolerable behavior of Shri Ravinder Kumar Sharma, ASPOs Una


Despite repeated requests from this Union and strong resentment amongst the members of the staff of Una Division, no remedial measure seems to have been taken to create a congenial atmosphere in the Division. In this connection, the Circle Union letter No HP/P-III/Una dated 02.01.2015 may kindly be referred.


5.               Issuance of impracticable/unviable orders by the Divisional Heads to achieve unrealistic targets of Media Post, Direct Post, iMO, MO Videsh and compelling the staff to even made good these targets from their own pockets:


In Chamba Division, the PLI and RPLI incentives were paid through iMOs by deducting the commission charges of the iMO from the incentive payable to the staff. This is very unfair, while speaking to the Postmaster Chamba, we were informed that the SPOs Chamba has given verbal orders in this respect. The iMO commission so recovered may be refunded to the concerned staff and this practice which substantiates our point of view of achieving the targets be stopped forthwith. Similarly, the Divisional Heads are issuing directions for ensuring transfers of DET, Accounts MIS and other data without making any arrangement during connectivity problem, power failure and the system failure and are holding responsible he staff for non-transmission. 


6.               Non-Payment of TA/MR/PLI/RPLI incentive claims:


The Himachal Circle  enjoys a remarkable position in the achievement of RPLI business even at All India Level but till today, the incentive bills to the tune of Rs 90 Lacs are still pending for payment which reflects the seriousness of the authorities fixing the targets.


7.                Pending items of the RJCM/Four monthly meeting held on 09.07.2014


7.1            Item No 4-8/10: Unmanageable work of SB at HPO’s and insensitive approach of administration providing/posting staff at SB counters:


This item was taken up in the year 2010 and neither the Circle Administration nor any Divisional Head realized the need for posting adequate staff on the SB counters as per workload in order to provide prompt services to the customer and to mitigate the hardships of the staff posted there. The operative work is utmost important whereas the Divisional Heads are always retaining justified staff in the Administrative offices and even deputing the officials from operative offices and none of the Divisional Heads in the Circle have given a thought on this issue.


7.2            Item No 2-4/12: Avoidable delay in repair of computer and the peripherals:


Despite issuance of the instructions to the Divisional Heads on the subject, there seems to be no improvement, the Divisional Heads are not promptly attending such requests of the operative offices and in some cases are raising avoidable objections to sanction such expenditure incurred for repair of the computers.


7.3            Irregular abolition of posts pertaining to the year 2005-06, 2007 and 2008 by SPOs Una


Despite assurance in the meeting to abolish such posts from the offices having lesser workload, no action seems to have been taken by the SPOs Una to redistribute the posts abolished in the Division at least as per the workload. This has compounded the hardships/miseries of the double handed offices which are now single handed following abolition of posts. An immediate action on the subject is needed.


7.4            Item No 7-12/13: Non-fixation of ex-serviceman re-employed as Postal Assistants:


The issue was taken up in the JCM in December 2013 and none of the Divisional Heads have examined the case seriously and its settlement is being procrastinated on this and that pretext. Surprisingly, the item has been treated as closed.


7.5            Item No 1-7/13: Non revision of FSC of post offices as per the Directorate orders:

The staff side have well explained its views on the subject, as such, the staff side may be informed the action taken as per decision taken on the subject.


7.6            Item No 2-7/12: Non-payment of cash handling allowance to the single and double handed post offices

The settlement of the item is procrastinated whereas in Maharashtra Circle, it is being paid at the revised rate and there seems to be no reason to refer the case to the Directorate for clarification, Please decide the case at the earliest.


7.7            Item No 2-4/2014: Decentralization of work of PLI/RPLI to the Divisions and to the Head Post Offices staff on the basis of workload

The miseries of the staff are being compounded as the staff is being called from the operative offices and no policy is evolved to provide the staff to cope with the excess work following the decentralization.


Kindly intervene to avoid the avoidable.


With regards


Yours faithfully,




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