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Monday 12 August 2013

Jagat Ram                                                                                                      H S Guleria

Circle President                                                                                             Circle Secretary



No:       HP/P-III/CHQ  /Strike                                                   dated at Una     12.08.2013


Shri M .  Krishnan

General Secretary, AIPEU

Group “C” New Delhi-08


Sub:      Scraping of Directorate orders on reposting in single handed/double handed Post Offices.


Respected comrade,


A Kind reference is invited on the deliberation held in the 29th All India Conference at Thiruvanathapuram on 10/11/12th March, 2013. It is humiliating/insulting rather derogatory to judge an official with doubtful integrity, merely on the  ground that he has served in the single/double handed post office and imposing unvalented/un-called for conditions on vigilance angle for their reposting in the single/double handed post offices. The department has full-fledged instructions /rules/guidelines to prevent frauds in the department and anyone found involved in such acts have been awarded deterrent punishments.


The CHQ as well as the NFPE has pursued this issue during last eight years and caused issuance of modified orders on the subject. Prior to issuance of letter No 8-4/2005-Inv dated 05.12.2012, I am of the firm view that even a single official may not have been reposted on the basis of relaxed orders.


Even, after the issuance of letter dated 05.12.2012, authorizing the Divisional Heads to consider reposting after satisfying himself about the character of the official for reposting is a futile exercise as I am sure no divisional head in the department of post is ready to take such a responsibility. In other words, the orders remained filed in the file.


As such, the order is impracticable. On the other hand, an Inspector can be reposted in the Sub Division, an ASP can be reposted, a Divisional Head can be reposted and even a Director can be reposted in the same Sub Division, Division, Region and circle respectively. As such, we cannot relish these orders. The instructions of the department has caused hurdles in implementing the tenure transfers resulting transfers of the officials to the distant places.


The circle union is of the opinion that an order except the scraping of original orders on the subject is acceptable to the postal employees and I am sure these are the sentiments of the staff and spirit as well as demand of the 29th All India Conference held at Thiruvanathpuram on 10/11/12th March, 2013.


I am confident that the CHQ as well as NFPE will take a fresh with the department.


With regards,


Yours comradely,


[H S Guletria]

Circle Secretary


Copy to:            All the Branch/Divisional Secretaries/CWC Members in HP and Central working Committee Members for information.

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