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Wednesday 14 August 2013


No:      HP/P-III/Dharamshala                                                  dated at Una    12.08.2013


All the Branch/Divisional Secretaries

& CWC Members in HP Circle


Sub:     Remittance of quota to Circle/ CHQ and NFPE.


Dear comrade,


The 11th Bi-ennial Circle conference of this Circle was held at Dehra Gopipur on the basis of quota remitted to the circle union for the year 2010-11 and 2011-12 i.e quota remitted upto 30.04.2012.


It was noticed/pointed out in the circle conference that the branches are not remitting the quota as per the ratio fixed and as per the membership of the branch. The house was ensured that regular remittance of quota to all quarters will be made in the future.


Till date, many branches have not remitted the quota since 01.05.2012, posing serious financial constrains in the smooth functioning of circle union.


Following, an amendment to the constitution of our union in the 29th AIC held at Trivandrum, the rate of subscription per member is Rs 50- and allocation of subscription for branch Rs 24.50-, for circle Rs 15.00-, for CHQ Rs 8.00-, for NFPE Rs 2.50- per member. The amendment is applicable for deduction of subscription from July 2013.


You are therefore, requested to remit quota at the earliest to all quarters.



Yours comradely,


[H S Guleria]

Circle Secretary


Copy to:-


General Secretary, AIPEU Group “C’ New Delhi-08


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