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Wednesday 14 August 2013


No:          HP/P-III/RJCM                                                                                                       dated 03.08.2013


Shri M Krishanan

General Secretary

AIPEU Group “C”

CHQ New Delhi-08


Sub:        Irregular/impracticable norms for calculation of FSC in the Post Offices.




A kind reference is invited to CHQ letter No P/2-3/Bihar Circle dated 28.03.2013 published in page No 11 of Bhartiya Post June 2013 issue.


The Directorate have revised the norms for calculation of FSC in the Post Offices vide letter No 23-1/2008-PAP dated 02.12.2010


In the CWC meeting held at Alandi, Pune (Maharashtra) on 08.01.2011 while reading the Bi-ennial reports, this was mentioned as one of the achievement of the CHQ, for getting revised orders on FSC. I as CWC member have objected and treated this letter as retrograde order causing downward revision/no-revision/negligible revision. The CWC was chaired by your goodself and your goodself will also recollect that this annoyed the then General Secretary Sh KV Sridharan, who even threatened me.


I am of the firm opinion that in the department of Post, not even a single Post Office has been benefitted by this order. A double handed Post Office closing eight bags daily has FSC Rs 35 prior to issue of these orders and after implementing these orders, the revised FSC comes as Rs 42. The cost of sealing wax per KG is Rs 60 and the department is taking the cost of Rs 3 per Bag for complete month instead of per day. As such, the cost of sealing one bag comes as Rs 0.12 per day. This is a joke with the operative staff.


The Circle union has taken up this issue in the RJCM meeting held on 08.07.2013 seeking revision of FSC on the basis of Rs 3 for sealing a bag per day. The CPMG despite having convinced on our plea and after going through the previous record on the subject, have asked a clarification from the directorate.


In the era of modernization/computerization, a Sub Postmaster cannot have funds/power to purchase even a petty item that is gum for public use, printer cartridge and he is always on the mercy of Divisional Heads to permit him to make such purchase. In department of Post, all the Divisional Heads have issued instructions to the subordinate offices that is operative offices not to purchase any item without prior permission of Divisional Head.


You are therefore, requested to kindly take up the matter for issuance of clarification sought vide CHQ letter mentioned above or take up the case for evolution of norms for FSC by a committee comprising members of staff side. Any such orders issued unilaterally by the department cannot be claimed to be achievement by us. Copy of  minutes of the RJCM meeting held on 08.07.2013 is enclosed.

I am confident of a prompt action at your level.


With regards.

Yours brotherly,


[H S Guleria]

Circle Secretary.

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