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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Review of the issues taken up by the CHQ with the Directorate and review of the deliberations held in the AIC Trivandrum, CWC Gauwahati and CWC Ongole and framing of charter of demands for the strike to be organized by the Postal JCA on the sectional issues.



Jagat Ram                                                    Harbhajan Singh Guleria

Circle President                                              Circle Secretary



                                                                                    MOBILE NUMBER:  +91-9418463093




No:      HP/P-III/JCA/Agitation                                  dated at Una the 20.03.2015


The General Secretary,

AIEPU Group ‘’C’’ Dada Ghosh Bhawan

Patel Nagar, New Delhi-08


Sub:     Review of the issues taken up by the CHQ with the Directorate and review of the deliberations held in the AIC Trivandrum, CWC Gauwahati and CWC Ongole and framing of charter of demands for the strike to be organized by the Postal JCA on the sectional issues.


Respected comrade,


A kind reference is invited to the charter of demands of the May 2015 strike submitted to the Department for settlement. The perusal of the charter of demands reveals that the deliberations which took place in the AIC Trivandrum, CWC Gauwahati and CWC Ongole are not considered while preparing the charter of demands.


The plight of postal employees was well narrated by the delegates of the AIC Trivandrum which is evident from the live coverage of the proceedings of the AIC.


Similarly, the core issues which are confronting the postal employees at the place of posting which are brought to the notice by the CWC members in the CWC Gauwahiti and Ongole respectively.


The AIC is the greatest management body evolving a policy programme for protecting the rights of the staff and mitigating their grievances and containing the activism/unilateralism of the Officers at all levels, the deliberations of the AIC is a message and guidelines to the executive for preparing the further course of action. Similarly, the CWC carries such an equally importance.


From AIC Alandi to CWC Ongole none of the delegate/CWC members have supported the issue of Postmaster Cadre, (brought unilaterally by the Department) and the restructuring in the PA cadre. Even, in CWC Jabalpur the then General Secretary informed the CWC that none will get a financial benefit of even rupee one on the implementation of proposal on restructuring. Moreover, the consenses has always been against these two issues.

Today, more than 50% posts of Postmaster Cadre are lying vacant for want of eligible officials and work against these vacant posts is being managed by a PA who is treated to be a unfit person for holding such posts. Similar is the position of the posts of supervisory cadre. Then what heaven the Postmaster Cadre has brought to the staff and to the Department?


Whereas we are not sure what is therein the restructuring proposals. Whereas it is pertinent to mention rather to bring it on records that every cadre particularly the IPoS cadre has got highest benefit both financial/promotional in every cadre review.


The Department has switched over to CBS without ensuring smooth/adequate availability of infrastructure i.e net connectivity, adequate capacity of central server, adequate training to the staff and adequate staff availability in the CBS offices. The Directorate is simply issuing a deadline for switching over to CBS to all the Circles and our system managers, the officials  are made to work hard by sitting late even after 2400 hours. None of the Divisional Head/Director Postal Services/CPMG could have ever joined the late working of our dedicated system managers and other staff.


The Department is saving much from the services of our system managers and is spending lavishly upon Core Banking Solutions provided by Infosys.


Till date, the Department did not specify the duties of the PAs and supervisors and their responsibilities including the time factor for each transaction which is comparatively higher than the transactions done in the present Sanchay Post Software.


It has been noticed that CBS services remain paralyzed frequently for hours together due to low connectivity and due to non-functioning of central server. The customers are made to strand for hours together, who is responsible for this? There should definitely be accountability of the policy makers. In Himachal Pradesh, Head Post Office Una staff could not complete the work on 19.03.2015 by 0300 hours of 20.03.2015. Eight officials spent whole night on the chairs. The Department forgets its social commitments to provide compensation for such a late stay and the end of the day for the date 19.03.2015 was done at 1300 hours on 20.03.2015, which is enough to explain the plight of postal employees.


The CHQ have been writing very important letters to the Directorate on various issues and these letters are also published in the esteemed organ of our mighty organization the Bhartiya Post. Had our CHQ our big leaders reviewed the outcome of these letters addressed to the Directorate, we could not have thought about the present issues now listed in the charter of demands.


Promotional Avenue

Prior to Postmaster Cadre an TBOP official with 05 years of service was eligible for taking the Group B examination and a number of officials were successful and they are still serving and some retired in JTS cadre. The Postmaster Cadre has taken our all the promotional avenues and after its implementation, the promotions are left to the selected officials only. And even, a supervisory official is denied his posting in a Sub Post Office. Is it fair?


The CHQ has the responsibility to carry out itself a study of new schemes launched in the post offices including CBS by visiting the post offices instead of organizing workshops and I being a senior most Circle Secretary who is also working in a Sub Post Office feel that an attempt to mitigate the hardships at the workplace, to contain the administrative activism and to stop unilateralism will definitely create a sense of inspiration and confidence for organizing a very very successful trade Union actions and I am sure when a war is fought with all the sentiments of the people by respecting their feelings, there will be none to deny the victory for such a decision.


Therefore, we should not insist upon the issues for which our staff have no concern and have never given such a mandate to anybody else.


I am sure that the CHQ will have passionate view on the points raised by the Circle Union and shall re-draft their strategies to protect the rights of the postal employees.


With regards


Yours comradely,


H.S. Guleria






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