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Thursday 7 November 2013

Non allotment of adequate funds to the circles for timely payment of PLI/RPLI incentive claims of the staff by the Directorate

Jagat Ram                                                                                                      H S Guleria
Circle President                                              Circle Secretary
                                                                                                Mobile:            94184-63093

No:      HP/P-III/JCM                                       dated at Una the 05.10.2013

Shri M Krishnan
General Secretary,
AIPEU Group “C”
Patel Road, New Delhi-08

Sub:     Non allotment of adequate funds to the circles for timely payment of PLI/RPLI incentive claims      of the staff by the Directorate.


A kind reference is invited to the CHQ letter No P/2-11/Karnatka dated 26.08.2013 addressed to Ms P Gopinath, Secretary Posts. The department is fixing targets to be achieved in respect of procuring business under PLI/RPLI to the circles. The circles further fix the targets to the Divisions and the Divisions further to the field staff and operative offices.

The circle administration is monitoring the achievement of targets on week basis, resultantly, putting pressure to the staff to achieve the targets.

The department himself have fixed the rates of incentive to the eligible staff for procuring PLI/RPLI business. It is normal practice of the department that the incentive bills relating to PLI/RPLI business have never been paid in time, despite, issuance of orders from the Directorate.

I am sure every circle is affected by the approach of Department on this issue.

This issue was taken up in the RJCM meeting with the CPMG Shimla held on 08.07.2013 and this union addressed the CPMG vide this union letter No even dated 02.09.2013. In HP circle, incentive bills pertaining to PLI and RPLI amounting to Rs 50 lacs are lying pending for want of adequate funds from the Directorate. The CPMG vide his letter No LI/2-5/2013 dated 30.09.2013 addressed to this union have assured payment of incentive bills only on receipt of additional funds from the Directorate.

The copy of this union letter addressed to CPMG and reply of the CPMG is enclosed as Annexure A and Annexure B.

I am sure it is not an isolated case of HP circle, the other circles shall be facing the similar problems on this issue.

You are therefore requested kindly pursue this case effectively/personally with the Directorate for timely and allotment of adequate funds to the circles in the future. The insensitive approach/behavior on such issues reflects

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