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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Unmanageable work in the SP Hub Mandi and Posting of adequate staff.

No:      HP/P-III/Mandi                                                dated at Una the 22.11.2013

Shri R S Mishra
Director Postal Services [HQ]
Himachal Pradesh Shimla-09

Sub:     Unmanageable work in the SP Hub Mandi and Posting of adequate staff.

Respected Sir,

We are frequently monitoring the delivery of speed post articles at every level, but we are sorry that even a little attention is not given to improve the working conditions in operating the SP Hubs.

I have personally visited the SP Hub Mandi on 21.11.2013 and I was shocked to learn the neglect of management of human resources in the hub.

The duty hours of Mandi Hub are 2030 hours to 0230 hours. The establishment of the hub is 01 PA, 01 SA and 01 MTS. At 2030 hours, around 84 SP bags are received from Ambala, Bilaspur, Sundernagar and Mandi. In addition one bag each from Kangra and Hamirpur is received at 2030 hours.

At 2115 hours, 22 Bags from Pathankot Hub, Kullu HO and its SOs are received.

Since, 07.11.2013 only one PA and one MTS is attending the Hub. The sorting assistant is not attending the hub.

After receipt of these bags, these are opened, articles counted, tallied with the speed post manifest and around 1500 SP articles received are sorted for dispatch to 115 speed post offices.

Beside this, at 2230 hours SP bag from Shimla is received containing average 300 articles meant for dispatch to all the delivery offices under Mandi Hub.

At 0215 hours, a SP Bag from Shimla is received containing average 250 articles meant for dispatch amongst 107 SP offices. The bag is opened, articles counted, sorted and after it, 107 SP bags to the offices under SP Hub are closed.

Since, the duty hours of the Hub are upto 0230 hours, is it humanly even mechanically possible to dispose off the SP articles contained in the SP bag received from Shimla within 15 minutes i.e up to the close of the office i.e 0230 hours.

Since, the SP Hub is being managed by a single PA since 07.11.2013; we can well imagine the impact of this unmanageable work on the mind and body of the official deployed there.

Virtually, the PA is attending 04 hours advance and leaving 03 hours late and despite all his efforts, any kind of irregularity/lapse cannot be ruled out.

The situation is alarming and the circle union is pained to know that none of the Inspecting/Visiting officers have taken note of the situation and provided remedies for smooth functioning of this Hub with a peace in the heart of staff deployed there.

Sir, I solicite your kind intervention to kindly look into the functioning of SP Hub and also to provide adequate man power in the Hub. We are open to out-source man power on the analogy of SP Hubs in the circle.

I am confident of prompt favorable action at your level.

With regards.

Yours faithfully,

H S Guleria
Circle Secretary

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